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Vote splitting becomes B.C. election issue

Horgan, campaigning on Vancouver Island Friday where the NDP holds 11 of 14 seats, said undecided and Green voters should support the New Democrats in a strategic move to keep Christy Clark’s Liberals from a fifth consecutive election win.

Clark begins her day in Richmond before heading to Campbell River and then to Terrace.

Recent polls indicate the BC Liberals and BC NDP are in a neck-and-neck race, and with the BC Greens surging, some pundits say the results of the hard-fought election may be almost unprecedented.

“It’s absolutely outrageous that in 2017 in British Columbia, in Canada we have seniors that are going a week without a bath because the government won’t provide the resources to make that happen”, he added to jeers from the crowd.

“The other tax measures we are looking at is rolling back the tax cuts that Christy Clark gave to the wealthiest people in B.C.”, he said.

“We’re building hope for people across B.C. Our candidates are diverse”.

Horgan said he isn’t anxious about potentially lower corporate tax rates in the US, something President Donald Trump has said he would like to see happen in his country.

Horgan said his campaign made stops in Clark’s riding earlier in the campaign.

“Mr. Trump has been in power for 100 days and I don’t believe he has actually accomplished anything in that time”. “There’s a whole host of issue, but a week before election day, I believe, is not the time to rattle sabres”.

Horgan said the NDP would consider adjustments to rates down the road, but is more concerned about getting a fair deal in the softwood lumber dispute.

Minutes after Horgan’s plea, Green party Leader Andrew Weaver arrived outside of the venue where Horgan spoke.

“Today’s BC Liberal candidates are focused earning the trust of voters by communicating our plan for economic growth, job creation and low taxes for the middle class in contrast to the NDP’s irresponsible scheme to hike taxes and run a $6.5 billion deficit”, it said.

Horgan campaigned on southern Vancouver Island Friday, an area where Green party officials say they have a chance of winning.

“I’m appealing to those who are contemplating voting Green that we have a lot of concerns in common”, he said.

– He says he is trying to inspire voters and criticized the Liberals and NDP for running negative ad campaigns that turn off voters to the point they don’t cast a ballot.

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