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Swansea out of bottom three with crucial Everton victory

Safe? Not yet, but after last night’s tension-propelled, single-goal victory over Everton and Hull’s startling defeat to oblivion-bound Sunderland, Swansea City are considerably closer to salvation than they were yesterday morning. Swansea have taken seven points from their last three Premier League games after picking

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GOP Health-Care Sausage Is Good for You

Their failed 2017 proposal would have added congressional redistricting to the purview of Ohio’s bipartisan legislative redistricting commission, which Republican legislators oppose. It’s “Trumpcare” now, and Republicans have to answer for it. White House Republicans passed the American Health Care Act Thursday, to repeal and

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Vote splitting becomes B.C. election issue

Horgan, campaigning on Vancouver Island Friday where the NDP holds 11 of 14 seats, said undecided and Green voters should support the New Democrats in a strategic move to keep Christy Clark’s Liberals from a fifth consecutive election win. Clark begins her day in Richmond

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Trump Making First Overseas Trip in Late May

Trump’s first foreign trip is coming later in his presidency than any president since Lyndon B. Johnson, who waited over 10 months after President John F. Kennedy was killed to travel overseas. In Saudi Arabia, the president will meet with “leaders from all across the