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US Senate Democrats may refuse to vote on Trump FBI pick – Schumer

“We’ll have to discuss it as a caucus, but I would support that move”. The president did little to calm concerns about Comey’s dismissal when he told NBC News in an interview that he weighed the Russian Federation investigation, which he called a “made-up story”, as he made up his mind to fire the FBI director. Additionally, Sessions has been interviewing candidates to replace Comey, despite the fact that the AG has said that he would recuse himself from any investigations into Trump’s campaign. Kirsten Gillibrand said Trump’s firing cast a dark shadow over the investigation, and she urged Republicans to “join in calling for an independent prosecutor in Trump campaign’s connections with Russian Federation”. The FBI has been investigating alleged Russian meddling in the USA election and possible ties between Moscow and the Trump campaign.

“There’s so much factual fabrication and then backsliding and contradiction. we need our Republican colleagues, not every day, but on the occasions when it’s necessary, such as for a special prosecutor, such as what’s happened in the last week to speak out, because this is country, this an issue of country, not party”.

“Where is the Howard Baker of 2017?” GOP leaders in Congress, including House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have resisted appointing their own special counsel or commission to investigate, saying ongoing investigations within the FBI and House and Senate committees into Russia’s attempt to influence the 2016 election were enough.

Trump dismissed Comey unexpectedly on Tuesday. Some people under consideration include acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas, New York Appeals Court Judge Michael Garcia and former Assistant Attorney General Alice Fisher, according to a White House official. On Friday, he raised eyebrows again by tweeting a warning to the ousted Federal Bureau of Investigation director that he “better hope that there are no “tapes” of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press”.

It hasn’t been determined if the president is recording conversations in the Oval Office, but if that happened, Schumer has a warning. “We understand it’s hard, but I think patriotism and the needs of this country demand it”, said the Democratic minority leader.

“To destroy them would be a violation of law”, Schumer said.

“If there are tapes, the president should turn them over, immediately, of course. If there are no tapes, he should apologize to both Jim Comey and the American people for misleading”.

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