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Category Archives: Diversified Industries

Electronic Arts Puts Efforts on New Brands, Cost Cutting

The “Sector Outperform” rating remains steady for Electronic Arts. It is strongly believed that they are well positioned to gain, due to an ongoing focus on controlling operating expenditures, while also maintaining a solid portfolio of brands, industry upticks in console adoption and the continued

Athabasca Oil Reports Solid Second Quarter Results

Recently, Athabasca Oil Corporation showed positive second quarter results, while commenting on the Dover Put process. ATH divulged that they and Dover mutually agreed on a way of closing and comprised timelines. Delays were not caused by a discussed $48.75 million indemnification, which was for

Tilly’s Second Quarter Relatively in Line

Tilly’s met consensus expectations with their second-quarter EPS of $0.05 and their middle guidance of $0.03 to $0.07, while same-store sales decreased 7.1% against a -0.5% comparison. From May to June/July, comps improved and included lower transactions and conversion offset by increased ticket averages. Men’s

Apple’s Third Quarter EPS Results Exceed Expectations

Apple recently reported third quarter results, including EPS of $1.28, up 20% year-to-year exceeding estimates by $0.05. Upside came from strong iPhone and Mac sales and the Apple ecosystem has continued to grow. iPad sales fell short of expectations. Apple expects September-quarter revenue to range

Webster Fails to Exceed Forecasts Despite Strong Q2 Growth

Despite a strong second quarter, Webster Financial failed to beat analysts’ estimates. However, the company is driven by a few value added factors, which investors should focus on more than any weaknesses Webster may exhibit considering that it is these factors that can offer an

Sluggish Q2 for Cencosud Due to Weak Traffic Trends

Cencosud recently reported their Q2 results, which were below expectations. Thus, revenues may have increased year over year by 5.4 percent, but they were still 1.7 percent below analysts’ estimates. Furthermore, EBITDA may have increased by 1.7 percent, but it was still lower by 2.7

Casey’s General Stores Posts Strong Sales for June

Casey’s General Stores reported strong increases in same store sales and gas volumes for June. Strong general trends show how effective the company’s strategic drive has been on internal sales and how well the Hy-Vee Fuel Saver program has impacted gas volume. The average margin

Burberry Continues to Post Double-Digit Comps for Q1

Burberry posted an increase in comps in the low double digits for Q1 thanks to the Americas, Hong Kong, Mainland China and Asia Pacific. Thus, the company posted an increase in comparable sales of 12 percent. However, Burberry only saw an increase in comps in

Higher Quarterly Dividends from Solera Holdings

Solera Holdings recently made an announcement that they would be increasing the quarterly dividend by 36 percent, from $0.125 to $0.17 per share. Currently, Solera’s shares are trading at a 1.2 percent dividend yield. Solera Holdings first started paying out dividends around the middle of